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These files are for Diablo II LOD Version 1.09 only

Using Jamella's Change Magical Attributes

ericjwin's Beginner's Guide to Jamella

Backup, Backup, Backup...

Error messages

Diablo II
Bad Dead bodies or Bad Inventory Data
Means you have some item with invalid Attributes
remove any attributes listed in the DON'T USE section of: Using Jamella's Change Magical Attributes

I'm having trouble with the Jamella hero editor, 4.0 beta 9c. I've checked for the invalid attributes multiple times. When I start a game in in Diablo II (LOD), it repeatedly says Bad Inventory Data. Is there anything I can do in order for it to work?!

1. Create a new character... kill a few monsters... make sure you have gold in your stash and on your person, and at least one item in your stash.
Add an item from Jamella.... Save... Open in D2....
Exit D2.... Open in Jamella... Add an attribute.... Save... Open in D2....
Repeat as necessary.

2. To fix a char.... backup, backup, backup....
Open in Jamella.... Save all items to item files (.d2i)
Delete all rares and uniques.... Save and Exit...
Try to open in D2....
If you still get the error, Open in Jamella, delete one item... Save and Exit...
Try to open in D2...
Repeat as necessary.
When you identify the bad item(s) reload the good ones from your saved .d2i files.

Generic Bad File
Means you have too many hacked items,
Diablo can only handle about 256 attributes total
so if you have 15 items with 20 attributes each, you have too many.

Diablo Freezes
Diablo freezes for a number of reasons. Especially with characters over level 99.
Some of the "Chance to cast.... on hit" attributes cause freezing. Especially if you have more than one.

You may have a negative number for faster walk/attack/block/cast/hit recovery? If so, then try a different one, If negatives dont work try alot of positives.

It means you are trying to kill monsters with a high level char

Corrupt field encountered in save game file! (@ offset ....)
Error @ Offset 0 is an error relating to version conflicts...
if you're using Jamella v4.0 Beta 9c then make sure you have either Diablo2: LOD v1.08 or 1.09 installed...
Error @ Offset other than zero means you have an item Jamella doesn't like
Jamella can't handle some rares/sets/uniques.
If you're going to use Jamella, check your character often.

To fix this error:
Backup your character file, go into Diablo and delete a rare or unique item, go into Jamella,
If Jamella doesn't let you in, go back into Diablo and delete another item... repeat as necessary....
When Jamella finally lets you in, you have identified the bad item.
Restore your original backup file, go into Diablo and delete just that one bad item.

"Attributes incomplete" warning on some items.
Generally harmless. I usually don't tempt fate and delete them anyway, just to be safe.

"jamellaD2Edittor.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close."
Jamella gets tired after a while... Time to reboot.
Windows 95
"Can't find .... .dll"
It's an operating system problem with Win95, you can get a patch from Microsoft. Should also make sure you Internet Exploder 5.0 or greater.
Try Win95 Service Pack 1
or Win95 Downloads
Internet Explorer Upgrades: Internet Explorer Upgrades: